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Meladerm Cream Helps to Lighten Your Skin And Treat Hyperpigmentation

meladermIt is a known fact that into days looks conscious society many individuals are battling to treat the skin issues like hyperpigmentation, acne marks, dark spots and lightening the skin. Also if you search on the internet for the “best cream” to treat these issues you will be overwhelmed with innumerable options and all claiming to be “The Number one Skin Brightener and Lightener cream”.

The whole process of finding the right cream can be a daunting one. Many opt for bleaching creams and other products which are highly chemical based and unsafe. They contain toxic as well as harmful ingredients. Therefore it is imperative that when you are searching for a cream especially for your facial skin it should be safe, created with natural ingredients and herbs and effective. One such revolutionary product which has taken the cosmetic industry by storm is Meladerm cream and it is available in the market for almost a whole decade which is proof of its genuineness and effectiveness.

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All That You Should Know About Meladerm

This amazing skin lightening product has been formulated  to not only  help in  lightening the skin but also to get rid of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, brown spots, birthmarks etc. What sets Meladerm apart from the other skin lightening creams, is that :

  • All the ingredients are natural which means there is no usage of No hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or parabens
  • Meladerma is useful at reducing the creation of the melanin which is actually responsible for color of the skin and combined with the entire active components it delivers the best results..
  • Effective results can be seen very fast.
  • Thousands of positive reviews found online are testimony to the popularity of the product as well as the effectiveness.
  • It is not available in any store but you can buy it online with few clicks in the cool confines of your home and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


What skin issues can be treated with Meladerm?

The Meladerm cream is mostly used to lighten and brighten the skin as well as reduce the hyperpigmentation on the face and body. The below skin issues can be treated effectively with Meladerm

meladerm skin lightenerHyperpigmentation/Discolouration
• Freckles
• Acne Marks
• Uneven skin tones
• Dark elbows, knees and underarms
• Sun spots/Liver spots
• Birthmarks
• Sun damage
• Old scars

Know The Ingredients of the wonder product

The formula of Meladerm formulated after a lot of research and experiments makes it exceptional and effective when compared to other lightening creams.The wonderful ingredients which have their own unique benefits work together in tandem to come out with an exceptional miracle skin product. Some of the main ingredients are

meladerm ingredients• Mulberry Extract
• Bearberry Extract
• Alpha Arbutin
• Lemon juice
• Licorice
• Vitamins C & K

These natural substances help in controlling the pigment formation which is caused due to the natural exposures of the sun or aging thereby leading to the lightening and brightening of the skin.


How Do I Use The Product?

Following the guidelines given in the pack will lead to optimum results. Applying a thin layer on the skin twice a day after washing your face is the right way to use the product.Alsoindividual results varies depending on thetype of the skin, condition of the skin, severity of pigmentation, and the exposure to the sun received routinely. Also consistent usage is the key. Initial improvement is often seen in two weeks with complete results after two to three months of regular usage.

It is meant to be for topical use and care should be taken that it should not enter the mouth and eyes. Now that you are optimistic with the information what are you waiting for? Discard the ineffective creams and lock the frustration away.. Try Meladerm and Discover the New Confident YOU with this wonderful natural and effective product which truly works.


  1. Hi tejaswi. I wana order meladerm cream and facewash. Iam from delhi. Is it safe ordering it online from their website. ? I mean is it sure that I will get the product once the company deduct money from my card. And how long will they take to delivered it ?

  2. I am an Indian and I am 18 years old.I was white in my childhood.But my skin becoming dark with my age.Is this product helpful to me??

  3. Hi..
    i m bombay based…and currently living in kuwait. i have developed freckles around my shoulders and back when i shifted to kuwait only.
    could you tell me if this product is available in Kuwait markets if not.. let me know where can i get it in bombay.

    • This product is available worldwide…You can order the same from the manufacturers website directly and it will be sent to your doorsteps..Pls order the same from the website You can avail the same both in kuwait as well as mumbai.

  4. hi tejaswi, i have brown spots on my check and my nose from last three years,doctor told me its one type of hyperpigmentation or melasma….and i have used so many things even collagen glutathione but skin looks so bright but marks are still there…..pls guide….does meladerm really works and remove melasma???????is there any agent or reseller in india from where we can purchase melader…????????

    • Milliions of reviews found online about meladerma are proof of its effectiveness. So definitely it would help you.. It would be best if you can purchase and procure the same from the manufacturers website to inform there are no resellers available in India and nor can you purchase it from shop.

  5. is there any agent or reseller available in india?????is it really works on melasma??does it remove freckles and hyperpigmentation??????pls guide……

  6. Mujhe meladerm hyperpigmentatiob cream chahiye me rajsthan se hu…kya ye mujhe mil sakti h…reply fast…plzzz

  7. Hello madam,
    I have hyperpigmentation problem and i came to know about this cream and its uses. I’m located in chennai, Tamilnadu. Where can i buy it in person not by online? Any specific medics for this cream availability? Or i have to buy only by online?

  8. Greetings Tejaswi. Could you please answer the following questions? Thank you.

    1. Can the same result be achieved on African skin?
    2. You said once the desired result is met, Meenkashi can stop using it. Won’t her skin turn dark again?
    3. You also said it shouldn’t be applied around the eyes & other sensitive parts of the body.
    Won’t the person look like a Zombie? Dark eyes, lightened face…
    In this case, what do you suggest?

    • 1. Well it would definitely work in lightening the African skin from its original tone but you definitely cannot expect an African skin to become an American skin after using it….
      2. Unless she again exposes herself to sun and get tanned and well the atmospheric damage etc does deteriorate the skin quality
      3. People use bleach and facial cream also similarly i.e they do NOT use it around the eyes but do they look like a zombie?? For dark circles you can use the Meladerm eye complex.

  9. Will the result long last at least for a year if I discontinued it

  10. I want to buy 2 units of Meladerm cream . Plz send me the address where to buy from?

  11. how much rupee in india money

  12. “O3+ Dermal Zone Meladerm Intensive Skin Lightning Cream”
    this cream is available on flipkart is it different from this cream

  13. hii mam after getting good result shall i stop using this cream or should i use for long time? can i use this cream on my vegina and anal pls do reply me as soon as possible on my email id i will be very greatful to u…

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